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We understand that after a tragic accident, it is very difficult to consider talking to a lawyer to initiating a legal claim. Our lawyers are very sensitive to this and our goal will be to understand what happened and get to work preserving evidence, talking to witnesses and documenting conditions while minimizing family member involvement, unless a request to be more involved in made upfront. By letting time go by, evidence may be lost, witness memories may fade and other critical evidence may be lost.

In addition to the evidence gathering and preservation issues addressed, there may be state or government filing requirements associated with the particular case. Our Southern California drowning accident attorneys will examine the facts, apply the law, and work on the families behalf. In addition, in near drowning cases, the person injured may be in the hospital receiving intensive care unit medical care and may require appropriate filings for medical bill coverage.

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Types of Pool Drowning Cases We Handle

Most drowning, or near drowning cases occur at a residence, hotel or during recreational boat use. Our attorneys handle all types of drowning cases throughout California. We are available to start with a free consultation either on the phone or via video conference.

While legally valid drowning cases can occur a number of ways, there are a number of things we look for immediately and preserve evidence accordingly. Our lawyers will examine things such as improper gates and latches around a swimming pool, improper supervision, no lifeguards or improperly trained lifeguards, improperly maintained drains causing entrapment, excessive alcohol and operating boats negligently without proper care.

Our drowning accident lawyers are experienced and sensitive to this difficult time. We respectfully handle the claim for the families involved while maximizing our experience on your behalf.

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California Law Applicable to Drowning Cases?

California law in drowning cases is governed by both negligence principles and the California Pool Safety Act.

In some instances, our drowning lawyers may bring a claim for violation of the California Pool Safety Act. The Swimming Pool Safety Act is applicable to both public and private swimming pools. The Act requires that pools have certain things like appropriate fencing, exit alarms, a self closing and latching gate and other means of protection. Southern California drowning accident lawyer Oliver Pelly, and his legal team are here to help and can provide a roadmap to your particular situation.

In other instances (and often they cross over) a legal premises liability theory may be associated with a pool drowning accident. In a premises liability case, our lawyer will gather evidence to show that a landowner in a drowning case either knew, or should have known through the exercise of reasonable care, that a dangerous condition (associated with a swimming pool) existed and failed to take steps to abate that condition. Our drowning accident lawyers will look at all facts and circumstances applicable to each case.

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Do you have to pay for representation?

We handle all cases on a contingency basis, with a no fee until we win guarantee. You only pay if we recover money on your behalf. Our swimming pool drowning attorneys also advance costs.

Examples of Compensation Your Pool Drowning Lawyer May Recover For You

Of course, there is no sum of money that will replace the loss. In drowning accident cases, our in cases of survival, the person involved may be entitled to long term care, payment of past and future medical bills and lost earnings, as well as ‘pain and suffering’ and other legal forms of compensation.

In drowning cases without survival, family members may have a claim for the harm caused by the loss of a loved one.

Choosing the Right Pool Drowning Lawyer

Our drowning accident lawyers put the client care and experience at the forefront. We make informed, experienced, logical decisions, designing and execute a unique blueprint for each client, each case.

Our team consists of former prosecutors, former insurance defense lawyers and some of the industries highest awards. Simply put, we get results. Read more about us.

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What is your “No Fee Until We Win Guarantee”?

In a nutshell, our Clients are not responsible for attorney fees until we recover money on their behalf. Once a case settles, our fees are simply deducted from the settlement amount. Guaranteed. We believe that every Client deserves strong representation regardless of their financial circumstances. By basing attorney fees on a percentage of money recovered, we are able to offer every Client with a valid claim, the very best representation possible.

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