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Los Angeles Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

Serious accidents require experienced lawyers with a history of success. The Los Angeles injury lawyers of Phillips & Pelly will handle your catastrophic injury claim as we have for many clients, with significant results.

Our catastrophic injury attorneys will assign a team to get to work for you and help immediately. Our team will get to work immediately for you on a No Win, No Fee, Guarantee basis.

Catastrophic injury claims come with a different set of issues than a less severe injury case. For example, many catastrophic injury claims require life care plans (long term care money) vocational rehabilitation (career re-training) and specialized medical testimony. We know the issues and will get to work on your case building the necessary elements. As an award recipient for Best of the Bar, our results and work ethic are evident.

We understand that catastrophic injuries come with a high degree of stress, generally around dealing with the injury and the financial impact.   Our past clients who have gone through similar situations have received significant financial compensation and thanked us for the hard work and expressed sincere gratitude in teh way we handled the case and the ultimate financial recovery. See our testimonials page from the tab above.

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Why Hire A Lawyer After A Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophic injury always comes unexpectedly. It may be as a result someone who was drinking and driving, texting, driving and not paying attention, or any number of other possible scenarios.

Our Southern California accident lawyers have handled many catastrophic injury cases due to car accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian hit and run, motorcycle accidents, drunk driver accidents, commercial trucking accidents, slip and fall and construction accidents and other scenarios.

The number one reason to hire our Los Angeles injury lawyers if you have suffered a catastrophic injury is experience is now on your side.

Insurance companies will not tell you the various types of recovery that may be available to you, the existence of multiple layers of insurance, alternate avenues of financial recovery that may be available, nor will they provide you with a long term care plan with accompanying payment. Our accident lawyers can provide all of those options.

The call if free, the Case Evaluation is free.

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Catastrophic Injuries Are Just That  – Catastrophic

In the aftermath of a catastrophic injury, we will reduce the stress you are probably feeling and provide available solutions. By hiring our injury lawyers, you take the first step upward knowing that you have a seasoned team handling the necessary legal issues on your behalf.

If you would like to discuss how we can start helping you today, please call or email us for a Free Case Evaluation. We will carefully examine your situation and start by laying out options.

Below are types examples of injuries that we would classify as Catastrophic:

  • Spinal injury requiring surgery.
  • Paralysis to one or more body parts.
  • Traumatic brain injury.
  • Amputation
  • Injury to the face leaving permanent disfigurement.
  • Severe burns to the face or extremities.
  • Permanent nerve injury.
  • Multiple orthopedic injuries such as broken bones.
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How do I Start my Catastrophic Injury Case?

The starting point is for our lawyers to understand how the injury occurred and who may be responsible.

To answer that questions, when you contact our office our intake specialists will get basic facts and, if he is available,  catastrophic accident lawyer Oliver Pelly, or one of the other partners, will be happy to provide a complimentary consultation.  Our injury lawyer team have received multiple legal industry awards. 

In addition to the injured person having a claim, other family members or spouses may also have a legal claim for compensation. We can also discuss those potential avenues of recovery when we speak.

So, give us a call for a Free Case Evaluation. We are friendly, approachable and experienced.

Serious Injury Lawyers

Over 300 5 Star Client Reviews.

Office Appointments Or We Come to You
Okay, I’m Interested. How About Attorney Fee’s?

Once we accept your case, we handle all injury claims with a no  fee until we win guarantee. This means if we don’t recover money for you, our attorney fee is zero.

What Type of Financial Recovery May Be Available To Me?

We approach this analysis methodically. It is very important to take a comprehensive approach.

For example, there may be short term and immediate needs such as mounting medical bills, loss of income and vehicle damages (if a traffic accident case). The mid-term losses may be continuing loss of income with associated fallout, the need for medical care outside of health insurance and counseling. The monger term damages may be long term loss of income or change of career, a medical life care plan and career retraining, pain and suffering. We will examine and discuss these, as well as other, avenues of recovery.

Examples of compensation are:

  • Loss of income past, present and future.
  • Due medical bills and future medical bills.
  • Modifications to living quarters.
  • Assisted living devices.
  • Mental health counseling.
  • Career re-training.
  • Pain and suffering
  • Family member payment.
Selecting the right lawyer for you.

At Phillips & Pelly, your needs come first. Have have a team of experienced lawyers with diverse backgrounds, a strong moral compass and a no quit work ethic.

We handle catastrophic injury claims in Los Angeles County and all of Southern California.

Once we are hired, he take the burden off you and get to work. Our lawyers are available to our clients, return calls promptly and keep the client very involved in the case progression, the case design and goals. Read more about our law firm.

Ready to get started? We are..

We have decades of experience. The sooner we start, we sooner we can preserve evidence, stop potential mistakes that may be occurring and get to work designing your case plan and goals.

The call is free. The Case Evaluation is free.

Serious Injury Lawyers

Over 300 5 Star Client Reviews.

No Win, No Fee. Guaranteed.

Common Questions About Catastrophic Accidents

How Does “No Win, No Fee" work?

Simple. There are no attorney fee’s if we don’t recovery money for you and you get paid.

Our fees are based on a standard percentage of the financial recovery we obtain for you on your behalf. We are squarely on the same team with the same goal.

Complimentary Case Consultation

Case Analysis & Next Best Steps.

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No Recovery. No Fee. Guaranteed.

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